Student Memo

Memo for distance learning student of ZKU named after M. Utemisov for the 2021-2022 academic year

1. The educational process in distance educational technology according to the schedule of the educational process includes the following types of educational work:

      • orientation lessons (tutorial) - full-time;

      • educational work of students in the intersessional period in the automated information the Moodle system, the implementation of practical, coursework and control works remotely;

      • practical training (practice for obtaining professional skills, practice for profile of the specialty) - fiull-time;

      • intermediate attestation - full-time;

      • state final certification - full-time.

2.In accordance with the schedule of the educational process, examination sessions are held twice a year. 

3. In accordance with Article 98 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2015 No. 414-V to employees, students in educational institutions are provided with study leave for:

      • preparation and passing of tests and exams;

      • preparation and defense of the thesis (project);

      • to pass the final state exams.

4. When working independently, you should use:

      • Program and methodological instructions on the subject;

      • Recommended educational and reference literature;

      • Notes - synopses of the setting lessons;

      • Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (REML).

5. Students weekly must complete assignments in the Moodle information system and educational work full-time, as well as control and coursework by discipline in accordance with the curriculum in order to get admission to the examination session. Attend setting lectures, pass exams, tests, coursework and practice reports on time.

6. Only those students who do not have arrears in payment for tuition, who have completed all the tasks provided for by the work program for this discipline, are allowed to take exams. Students who do not get a passing grade are not allowed to take exams.

     A student who does not appear for the session or does not completely pass the examination session for a good reason may extend the deadline for the session. To do this, you must contact the head of the center with a statement, which will set out the request for an extension with a valid reason and supporting documents. It is recommended to warn the trainers about the impossibility to take part in the session in a timely manner.

     In some cases (planned business trip, hospitalization, pregnancy and upcoming childbirth), a student can receive permission to pass the examination session ahead of schedule, for this it is necessary to write an application addressed to the vice-rector for educational and methodological work, attach supporting documents. In this case, payment for the current semester must be made in full.

7. The student is transferred to the next course, subject to passing all examinations provided for by the curriculum for this course.

8. Help-call for the examination session, final certification is laid out in the menu of the automated information system Moodle.

9. If you decide to terminate the training agreement, you need to notify the head of the Distance Learning Center by submitting an application addressed to the head of the university.

10. You can be expelled from the university on the following grounds:

    - at their own request;

    - for violation of academic discipline;

    - for violation of the Internal Rules;

    - in connection with the transfer to another educational institution;

    - for non-fulfillment of contractual obligations.

11. From the center's methodologists you can get:

     - Student card, record book;

     - Help-call for the session (electronically);

     - Assistance in filling out various documents;

     - Detailed information on the session and training.

      Visit our website regularly and you will receive all the information.

Distance Learning Center: ZKU st. Student 1, 8th building, office. 212, 213 tel. (87112) 51-07-52, cellphone (8 700 020 02 27, 87470472189)

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